Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A harley motorcycle space

This is an experiment . Sometimes beta stuff is great - sometimes it's a nightmare. Motorcycles are a way of life for some - and Harley Motorcycles are american icon - in more ways than one.

There is, literally, nothing like a harley. They've made imitations, but they aren't harleys. At the moment my personal itch is for a Buell Lightning XB12S - powered, naturally by a Harley engine. Or maybe a Firebolt XB9R.

Here's an intro page to A Harley Motorcycle"

Harley Davidson Motorcycles are an American Icon. Whether or not you're a biker, you feel something about a Harley. Maybe you remember "Easy Rider" or the 1%ers that once gave the motorcycle a bad image. The outlaw biker lifestyle is still there, but motorcycles have become part of the mainstream...

I'm going to see if I can add pics of the Lightning and the Firebolt more...

Harley Davidson Articles and Resources
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