Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Next on the Motorcycle to-do

I like the way the mail feature works with the blog. Now let's also see if the auto-publish works well.A week or so ago the chain slipped the sprocket while I was going up a hill and I thought - just for a second - that the tranny had died an aweful death. Visions of poverty tramped through my head.Then I stuck it back on and went looking for a mechanic. Chain and sprockets only have about 5k kilometers on 'em. Way too soon toreplace, except it was already adjusted nearly all the way out.The problem is finding a mechanic here in this toen. The last two I used have vanished. Finally found one out the line toward Tambasco. He pulled the chain and took out a link and put it all back together while I waited, though he allowed as how that weakened the chain and an early replacement would be smart. Did it while I waited, for 7 reais, which is about US $2.60 or so. One other nice thing about Brasil is that the prices for services tend to be absurdly low compared to the states.Next month or April, he'll get me full kit and we'll fix it up.Next I need to work on the site. Going to put in some pages with great books on maintenance, choppers, and such. And see if I can some additional good sources for parts and accessories. I'd like to build the site into a one-stop service center for all sorts of Harley and motorcycle-related items.If you haven't been by, take a look:A-Harley-Motorcycle.comHad to put that in to see how URLs are handled on a mobile post. Yup, still doing some testing to make sure I don't waste a lot of time.Looks like you need to add the HTML tags around a URL in the email. Maybe try it tomorrow. more...

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