Wednesday, July 27, 2005

What a minute - a red head light?

Partly this is a test to see if the mobile posting works.The other day I was riding at night and as I was coming up a small hill in town I saw this dim red light ahead. Kind of weird, didn't look like a tail light and it was coming toward me.When I got close enough I could see the guy had tricked out his bike's headlight with some kind of red bulb. Some people down here have a death wish I guess. When I'm riding at night I want as much light as I can get.I see idiots riding at night with NO lights front or rear. I nearly ran over one of them on a highway. Not only no lights but way slower than the traffic flow, black helmet and dark clothes.That stuff in the skull is there to help you survive, not to feed your hair. A bike is a dangerous device (especially if it's hard to see - and they are).Let's all try to live to ride tomorrow. more...

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