Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Why a motorcycle?

Answer is here =>> Well, that's the site and if you look at the motorcycles and posters, that should be a good enough answer. But there are real differences among people. I have a friend who's spent a fortune on installing a complex, high-powered, 12 speaker car stereo system.  Suitable for a large concert hall.  In his car. When I drive, unless I'm in a foul mood, I like silence.  In a foul mood, I like heavy metal.  Loud, suicidal, heavy metal. In a car. But I prefer a bike.  Most cars these days are like land yatchs encased in sound absorbing foam that totally insulates you from anything real.  You can suddenly be going 85 mph and not even realize the engine is running.  And if a 12-speaker stereo system is shattering your eardrums too? At least on a motorcycle you are in reality. Wind, bugs, road spray, flying rocks and all.  You are doing something that is not even close to sitting in an armchair. Ride to be alive.   more...

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